Wearing a mask is not a signal of political allegiance… just science

A good scientist is always willing to change her mind as new evidence demands. 

SARS-COV-2 is a new virus. Seven month ago we knew almost nothing about it. As a result of a global effort involving thousands of researchers we now know a lot more. 

Several very important facts have emerged from multiple studies. 

Small aerosol particles that can remain suspended in the air for hours and travel several feet are a major means of transmission. The virus is often (30%-40% of the time) spread by people who have no symptoms. That’s why masks and distancing work. 

Four months ago we knew much less than we do now. Decisions based on political beliefs in other states and countries have had tragic lethal consequences. Until we have effective contact tracing and testing in this country, our best tools to fight this threat are masks and safe distancing. A mask should not signal political allegiance. It is a sign of respect and concern for the people around you. We all have a right to our political beliefs but no one has the right to put a neighbor’s health at risk.

Roughly 10,000 Americans are killed by drunk drivers. In the last 6 months over 130,000 have died from COVID 19. We have tough laws against driving drunk.

Dave Ellison, MD