First, I would like to say how disappointed I was in how this “chick” matter was handled on social media; and how the TV news story put words in to my mouth.

(Unfortunately, I was not able to do an interview or give a statement about my insight on the matter while working at my job.)

That hurt!

After reading some comments to the hardware store Facebook post on Wednesday, I decided to take action on Facebook and defend a human-being from being bashed for an ordinance that was in place before he even stepped in to his role as Mayor.

The following is my post and additional thoughts/comments on my Facebook post (to my personal page) about the unfortunate event that took place in this usually quiet, friendly, summer paradise (not winter paradise, this year…wink, wink) that I’m fortunate to call home.

This was a post from my personal Facebook page:

In light of something happening in my small town, recently:
One thing I don’t care for on social media is people blasting another person(s) over something they don’t know all of the facts and yes, I am one…who will stick up for them.

There is no need to attack!

We find a safe place hiding behind our cell phones, tablets or computers. But it is a sad sign of weakness and, unfortunately, a sign of the times.

What happened to a little face to face interaction, if you want to voice your opinion?

It’s about free speech and maybe it is advocating for a change or purpose–but choose your words wisely and carefully.

Please don’t verbally attack someone because you think you know all the facts.

We preach to this younger generation about “Cyber Bullying,” being fair and being kind. Yet, it is sad that in some of these cases, it is the adults who are doing it! Yes, adults!

Here is a quote I admire and would like to share:

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” -Unknown.

My final thoughts: There is two sides to every story.

And, to our close-knit community: We shall not be divided.

Amanda Tweeton, business owner
Envy Salon, Pelican Rapids