I wish to offer thanks for the recent trip which was sponsored for veterans like myself to travel to Washington D.C. to see the many historic sites commemorating the events which we, as Veterans, were involved in for our country.

Being a Korean War Veteran, many memories were brought to mind as I attended this Memorial. The Honor Flight organization, The Forum, the Pelican Rapids VFW, and Zion Lutheran Church on Franklin Lake all helped to make this possible.

I served in the U.S. Navy aboard LSMR 403, a small ship made for the invasion of Japan which fired rockets in support of troops going ashore. Ships like this are no longer in existence, but they were very powerful in their day.

I can not thank you enough and those organizations which helped to make this possible for us to attend. I will never forget this kind, gracious experience.

Rev. James McBride

Editor’s note: Rev. McBride is a longtime Lake Lida resident, Lutheran minister in the area, and longtime member of the Pelican Rapids area Rotary Club.