I plan to vote for Brittney Johnson and Michelle Anderson for MN House and Senate respectively and I would like to ask you to do the same. 

I know each of them personally and have worked directly with both Brittney and Michelle on community projects. I have found both of them strategic and thoughtful, two qualities much in need in today’s public discourse. In a world where we’re on a hamster wheel of online insults and political range wars, both of these women will certainly raise the level of dialogue in our capital in St. Paul. Even more than their compassion, is their experience doing practical and tangible work that shows their knowledge of rural America. 

I know full well that it takes drive and effort to start a business from scratch and Brittany Johnson has done just that, starting her farm operation near Underwood working two jobs with a sizeable student debt on her shoulders. All the while, Brittany has worked tirelessly to find opportunities for other small-scale farm operators and is the person on the committee who actually follows through on her homework. To me, the decision is clear. If you want a person to represent you who knows first-hand the struggles of launching a small business just like yours and your neighbors’ in Otter Tail County, vote for Brittany. 

Michelle’s efforts on supporting artists are no less tangible and grounded. Her efforts in launching the Rural Arts and Culture Summit and supporting arts entrepreneurs are the kinds of experience so important as we reinvigorate and reimagine our rural economies. Michelle has the experience of engaging many organizations and partners to pull together large-scale and innovative events to make our communities more creative. Moreover, her experience doing coaching and business planning with local entrepreneurs is the type of kitchen table skills we need in St. Paul. 

So, please stand with me and help elect Michelle and Brittany to bring the best of us to represent us in St. Paul. 

Ryan Pesch

Pelican Rapids