100 years ago
April 4, 1918

School District News
The play and social in District #232 was a grand success. $36 was taken in. All who took the laughing cure went away happy, agreeing to laugh for ever after. There were seven scholars enrolled in District #232 and six were perfect in attendance. They were Elmer Sundstrom, Elsworth Grahn, Adella Johnson, Allrin Johnson and Ina Johnson.

• Upcoming Socials
Don’t forget the sock social and program in Birch Knoll school Thursday night, April 4. Boys, here is your chance to get a beautiful pair of socks and a nice supper in the bargain. A pound sociable and supper will be given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Skow, Saturday night, April 6, for the benefit of the Zion church. Ladies please bring a pound. Everybody welcome. There will be a sock social and good time in John Kowalski’s vacant house on the farm, the evening of April 5. Ladies please bring socks and lunch for two. The proceeds are to go to the Red Cross. A good time is assured for all who come.

75 years ago
April 8, 1943

• Ice Shortage
Households that have depended on using ice this summer for refrigeration purposes will probably be disappointed as neither Oscar Ostrus or the Bowers Brothers have put up a supply of ice this season. The weather conditions all winter were not favorable to cutting ice and the ice men kept putting the work off until it got too late. It is reported that Detroit Lakes has plenty of ice which can be had and which probably will be gotten to supply local demands.

• Camp Fire Girls
The Chickagami Camp Fire Girls had their council fire Tuesday, April 6, with their mothers as guests. The candlelight ceremony was done by Amy Anderson, Lorella Larson and Beverly Waller. Nellie Hanson introduced the new campfire law “Worship God”. For roll call each girl had to tell how our hands help in keeping us healthy. Short talks were given on health charts, clothes labels, the silk hose drive, budget charts and our attendance as a body at the Ringsaker church. Miss Sherin read several poems of interest after which Miss Rudh presented us with our honor beads. – Lorella Larson, Scribe.

50 years ago
April 4, 1968

• Two Ski Hill Groups Confer
Directors and others working toward the development of the Maple Mountain Recreation Area met last Wednesday night with the owners of the Hallaway Ski Hill to discuss future plans of both. Representing Maple Mountain were Bill Lyon, Mrs. Julie Sorum, Rex Crews, George Martin, Lorene Christopherson, Wally Hohman and Truman Strand. Telling their plans for further development of Hallaway Ski Hill were owners Mr. and Mrs. Bob LaFond and Frederick Schiermann, of Fergus Falls. The Hallaway owners said that they are presently seeking financing for new equipment and improvements at their hill, but added that they felt the area was large enough for both ski areas. They pledged to work “hand-in-hand” with the Maple Mountain developers, offering their assistance whenever possible. Maple Mountain planners are filling out applications to various groups for the financing of the land for the recreation area near South Lida.

• Firemen Buy New Equipment for Department
Approximately $1,200 worth of equipment has been added to the fire department. Included were two air masks and three radios. Funds for the purchase of the equipment were provided by the volunteer firemen themselves through various fund-raising projects. Members of the fire department presented the equipment to Dr. Henry Korda, the mayor of the village. Other members showing off their new equipment included Fire Chief Rex Crews, Cy Lynnes, Roy Fossen, Bob Dillon, Don Dillon and Harding Meland.

25 years ago
April 7, 1993

• School of Faith Celebrates
Organizing the 20th annual School of Faith at Faith Lutheran Church are committee members LaRayne Knutson, Glenda Bengtson, Elaine Femling, Melinda Carlson, Phyllis Jacobson and Elaine Konold. The school was organized twenty years ago by Joyce Lindgren, wife of Pastor Arnold Lindgren, who asked two or three volunteers to help her organize an interdenominational Christian fellowship. Later, Central Lutheran Church joined, with the committee now made up of three from each church. Speakers are chosen locally and from the surrounding area.

• Donkey Basketball Results
Did everyone have as much fun as the Women’s Civic Club at the Donkey Basketball game last Saturday night? We know the jaws of the audience were sore from laughing, but we hope the riders weren’t too sore from their falls! The teams included the Viking Elementary He Haws: Judy
Babler, Todd Huseby, Kim Boeddeker, John Nordstrom, Pam Rudie, Barb Pritchard, Mary Storrusten and Chuck Sorum; The Mule Skinners: Rodney Hagen, Wes Hagen, Roger Evenson, Danny Jongeward, Jim Michels, Dave Peterson, Tom Trosvik and Dean Ouren; The Rough Riders:Len Thompson, Ryan Pederson, Trent Hoffman, Chad Milbeck, Jamie Garsland, Jason Miller and Jesse Isaman; The Fearless Lions: Jim Hotzfield, Mark Leverington, Jim Raisanen, Larry Hovland, Loren Seifert, Mark Grefsrud, Wayne Hovland and Richard Jenson; The Girls Basketball Team: Kristi and Maribeth Suter, Missy Resset, Missy Flatin and Bonnie Woessner; The Boys Basketball Team: Brian Korf, Brian Hovland, Kevin Backstrom, Kent Bauman and Damian SmithOats LeGrand provided a running commentary which was appreciated by all and the Richard Carlson family entertained all with some very special music.