On May 22, Minnesota lawmakers passed an $18.4 million drought relief package. It was introduced in August by a republican senator and Democratic representative.

Christopher Swedzinski, a Republican representative, has spoken about his support of farmers and posted on his Facebook page information about how to apply and qualify for receiving relief money, yet he voted no.

Republican Representative Glenn Gruenhagen also posted numerous times on his Facebook page in support of the bill and emailed his constituents information about drought relief with his picture plastered on it, yet he too voted no.

Dean Urdahl, another Republican representative, spoke out, saying, “The harsh weather we experienced the last six weeks is causing hardships for farmers who already have been facing tough times. Farming is vital to our way of life in District 18A, and the dairy industry is an especially important component in our local economy. I am pleased we put this bill on a fast track to passage to help those who suffered damage…” He also voted no on drought relief.

And there are even more who did the same thing. Ask your district’s senator and representative how they voted. We need lawmakers who don’t just talk about supporting farmers, but actually vote to support them.

Hannah Radzwill,
Fergus Falls