Sir, this letter is to the Pelican Rapids city council. This is just my two cents worth. 

I have been reading my Pelican Press. Thank you for a very nice paper. I enjoy it very much!

By the news, Pelican Rapids is in clear need of housing! I don’t think you need an economic development director. You need a good man that can read blueprints. HIRE the guy!!

If you can build housing for 400 people, you will have more economics than you know what to do with! You will be flooded out! It will help the tax base, it will help the turkey plant, and it will help the town many times over.

Please do, please do!

You’ll never look back, and you will never be sorry!

Everyone will be cheerful. 

Some of the people that don’t work at the turkey plant can help with building. 

If you build the housing–all other things will come along on their own, or most of them. With so many people needing housing, rent won’t be a problem. 

Good luck to you, and God bless!

By the story in the Press, the turkey plant is short on help because of no place to live. 

Pelican Rapids is a nice town! 

Please do everything in your power to help keep it that way!

Elliot Winters,
Detroit Lakes