My name is Jan Jaeger Scoles. I lived in the Silent Lake area and graduated from Pelican Rapids HS in 1959.

I just finished reading your article on the Governor’s fishing opener and I want to add a personal story:

My father was William H. (Bill) Jaeger. He lived in the Star Lake area and started guiding for tourist fishermen when he was 7 years old. He gained a

Republican Luther Wallace Youngdahl was the governor of Minnesota from January 8, 1947, to September 27, 1951.
His fishing trip to Star Lake may have been lost to history, if Jan Jaeger Scoles hadn’t written the accompanying letter to the Press.
The Gov’s fishing opener became an official state event the next year, 1948.

reputation as a successful fisherman.

As an adult, he operated and owned a general store on the west arm of Star Lake called the “Boathouse.” His reputation spread and one day the phone rang. It was the office of then Minnesota Governor Luther Youngdahl, asking whether my father would be Youngdahl’s guide for the May 15 fishing trip. (This was circa 1947). My father agreed and Governor Youngdahl and his party arrived at Star Lake.

My dad took them fishing in a small bass boat, and they caught their limits of walleyed pike the first day.

Dad said Governor Youngdahl said it was the “best fishing trip of his life.”

(Aaron Jaeger, who now lives in the West Silent Lake area, is a grandson of William H. Jaeger.)

I enjoy getting the Press. The late Gary Peterson, former Pelican Rapids Press publisher, was a classmate.

Jan Jaeger Scoles

Leesville, Louisiana