Lower local government costs; increase property values by maintaining your home, lot

By Brent E. Frazier, Mayor, Pelican Rapids 

Recently after the feel of a few 70 degree days, spring is definitely in the air within our city and community.  Spring brings with it the sense of renewal, regrowth and rebirth.  We shake away the cobwebs of winter, take a deep breath of the fresh air and look forward to a new season in the year.

Trees begin to bud, flowers pop their heads through the soil, song birds sing their beautiful songs and the rain descends from heaven to wash away the dust and dirt to give us the impression that all has been brushed with a fresh coat of paint.  Spring has sprung!

All of this in turn can give one a feeling of more energy and the desire to give nature a helping hand by getting into a clean-up/fix-up state of mind. We may get involved with the spruce-up tasks of interior cleaning, or resort to the exterior chores of home and yard work.  Whatever the task at hand, we move with the desire to make all look better than before.  Suddenly we walk with a skip in our step and our head held high.  Life is good!

Maintaining our properties takes time, talent and money.  Sometimes it also includes blood, sweat and tears. The end result of our toils is that of being a responsible property owner and a good neighbor to everyone. The financial dividend is that we usually see a trend towards higher property values. This is good for the property owner, the city and community as a whole.  Maintaining our properties is beneficial to ourselves and others.

By maintaining our property, we make it more eye appealing to our neighbors, and those who stop for a visit in our city and community.  These visitors may therefore return because they liked what they saw before, and then to shop our businesses and eateries.  After frequent stops to our city and community, they become not just acquaintances, but our friends and maybe our future neighbors.

Neat and trimmed yards, without rubble and “stuff,” give the property owner a feeling of delight from the achievement of being a responsible property owner and also a good and gracious neighbor.  Of course we all know of property owners, through the difficulties of sickness or injury, are unable to tend to the necessary labors of maintaining their property.  This in turn can be an opportunity to lend a helping hand to them, either by our individual efforts or the efforts of a faith based or civic organization of which we may be a member.

Before saying anything more, I would like to applaud those property owners in Pelican Rapids who maintain their properties and make them appealing to the eyes of others.  Thank you very much for your role of community pride and hence a good neighbor to others.

This spring, the Pelican Rapids Planning Commission will once again conduct an annual visual inspection tour of all properties within the city limits.  The purpose is to recognize if any properties are in need to be cleaned and/or repaired by the property owner or someone of their selection.  If any properties are in disarray, that property owner will be sent a letter requesting that the property be brought into compliance with existing city ordinances after 10 days of receipt of the letter.  If the property owner does not comply with city ordinance, a $50.00 administrative penalty will be imposed to that property.  Then the owner has 10 more days to comply with the city ordinance or more severe penalties can be imposed to the property.  This is a path that none of us should choose to travel if we have a choice.  Please keep in mind that this is all a cost to the City of Pelican Rapids, and in turn a cost to all taxpayers in our city.

We as property owners can help our planning commission this spring to make their task light, and therefore keep our local government costs lower and property values higher.  This can be accomplished by cleaning and repairing our properties, which leads to being that good neighbor.

Again, thank you to all of those property owners in our city and community who choose to maintain their property. Your individual efforts collectively lead to an improved sense of community, well being and the outward improvement in the appearance of our city and community.

Thank you for being that good neighbor…