Most definitely—it’s looking a lot like Christmas

By Brent Frazier, mayor City of Pelican Rapids
In 1951 Meredith Wilson wrote the
song “It’s Beginning To Look Like
Christmas.” We know the first line
lyrics, that many singers such as Bing
Crosby sang, as “It’s beginning to look
a lot like Christmas, everywhere you

Up to a week ago it didn’t look a lot
like Christmas around Pelican
Rapids due to the lack
of snow cover. This past
week we received an accumulation
of an inch or
more of snow, so it is now
beginning to look a lot like
Christmas once again.

The month of December
is usually packed with elementary
& high school
choir and band concerts,
church sunday school programs, bell
ringers, sleigh rides, Christmas carolers,
office parties and neighborhood
gatherings in a harmony with a festive
mood for the Holiday Season. Well,
this year these events didn’t happen
all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of us will partake in smaller
holiday gatherings with family as we
will witness much fewer handshakes
and hugs with family members, and
some of us may be celebrating ourselves.

When we drive around our city, we
do observe the many bright lights
strung on homes and across the
lawns. We also see storefront displays
and decorated trees. We are anxious
to go to our mailbox to receive
holiday greeting cards from
family and friends.

It will not be a Christmas as
we have seen in any previous
year, but there are many indications
that we will still have a
holly jolly Christmas in 2020.

As residents of our community,
we all have an ancestry
which dates back to several
other lands. Therefore, our
community is composed of families of
several cultures and religious beliefs.

Most residents of our community
celebrate the Christmas season, but
some residents do not.

Although one culture many not
completely understand the other culture’s
heritage and religious beliefs,
we are excellent in respecting those
that are not like us.

Although the Christmas of 2020 is
like none previous, it is still a time for
celebration in our community.
As one shops our local stores, walks
down our sidewalks and travels by vehicle
down our city streets, people are
still in a festive holiday mood by their
friendly greeting and waving of hands
to one another.

The residents in our community of
Pelican Rapids have maintained inner
strength during this pandemic, as they
continue to be very positive minded
leading up to, and during, this holiday

We all know that we may not be able
to celebrate Christmas as we have in
previous years, but we are still gracious
and thankful for what we have
at this time.

This Christmas we are thankful for
our faith, warm clothing, delicious
food, warmth of shelter, family members,
charity from others, wonderful
friends and the love & respect we
show to each other as members of the
community of Pelican Rapids.

What a wonderful community to
live in during the holiday season of

So, to one and all, have a Merry
Christmas and Happy Holidays!