Mayor calls on Pelican area to mask up; wash up; and keep your distance

By Brent Frazier, mayor, City of Pelican Rapids 

The dilemma of the COVID-19 pandemic that shook our world in March 2020 still remains with us to this day. When will it end? When will a vaccine be available for the public to defend itself against this virus that can be fatal to so very many? How long will this virus have its grip on us as we all continue go about our lives and day’s activities in a much different fashion than eight months ago?

These are all questions of which no man or woman knows at this time. Thus we move onward in a very cautious and safe manner, not only for the safety and health of ourselves, but also for the health and safety of others.

On November 12, MN Governor Tim Walz extended the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency that allows the state more flexibility in responding to the pandemic. The announcement comes as no surprise as hospitals express concern about their capability to treat patients with the COVID-19 and as Minnesota experiences record-setting highs in new positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Minnesota’s case positivity rate is above 10 %, and here in Otter Tail County we see about a 5% in the case positivity rate. 

Information regarding the new COVID-19 guidelines that took effect on November 13 can be read at the Minnesota Department of Health’s website of 

“The situation in Minnesota is incredibly serious,” said Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan. “We need to be able to respond quickly to rapidly-evolving circumstances so that we can keep Minnesotans safe and save lives. We are all in this together.”

Here in Pelican Rapids we all have heard of friends and family members that have fell to the COVID-19 virus and then recovered to go back to their daily activities. We have heard of the infection to young and elderly alike. We have heard and witnessed the loss of workers in our community which not only impaired the family situation, but also the work force and productivity of several employers. The virus has taken its toll on our productivity as well as our physical, mental and emotional health. 

And unfortunately we have also heard of someone who had been infected and then did not survive the virus. This is truly a very grim reminder to all of us that this virus is very harsh and has no boundaries to any geographical region or to any people. 

At this time as never before we all need to do our part to not only safe guard ourselves, but take the proper precautions to safe guard others. Please practice your social distancing skills, wear a protective mask where instructed to do so and continue to wash your hands. And please remember when you are uncertain, always error on the side of precaution. 

Yes, as a community such as Pelican Rapids, we all know that we are in this together. The situation and circumstances that affect one of us, either during COVID-19 times or otherwise, then filters down to affect many of us. 

Pelican Rapids is a very united and close-knit community and thus the joys, trials and sorrows of one person are shared by the community as a whole. How blessed we really are!! 

So please watch out for the health of each other, stay safe, stay strong and continue to be hopeful.