‘Smart911’ replaces ‘CodeRED,’ residents urged to sign up at Pelican city web page

By Brent Frazier, mayor City of Pelican Rapids 

Out with the old and in with the new! That’s the way it is with a lot of things in life and especially in the field of technology as we have recently witnessed here in Otter Tail County with their new and improved emergency notification system.

Throughout the last few years, many of us locally in the City of Pelican Rapids and surrounding area have become accustomed to the CodeRED alert system that would advise us of severe thunderstorms, weather warnings, and possible tornados in our immediate area. 

We had the choice to sign up to receive these alerts on our cellphones, landlines, and computers. These alert calls were then sent to us by the Otter Tail County dispatch system to give us ample time to seek shelter, before we would be in possible danger from these weather situations, anytime during the day or night time. 

CodeRED gave us some security knowing that in our busy lives, we didn’t have to keep our eyes glued to the sky or our ears tuned in to the radio and television broadcast when something was brewing in the atmosphere. A technology system was there to do the sky watching for us.

Recently on July 01, 2020, this CodeRED was replaced with the new and improved Smart911 emergency notification system. This system is also a free, countrywide service to those that sign up to receive it. 

The CodeRED system doesn’t automatically transfer you to the Smart911 system. In order to receive the new Smart911 emergency notification system, you have to manually subscribe with your appropriate contact information. 

A simple method to receive the Smart911 emergency notifications is to click the link on to the City of Pelican Rapids website. Click on the upper left-hand side of the page to a category named “Emergency Notification Self-Registration-RaveAlert-Smart911.” 

You will then be instructed to list as little information as you would like or as much information as they ask of you, which all is of your choice. 

The optional information, if you choose to answer, is a tool for you to communicate your personal health circumstances and needs to emergency responders through a safety profile. Thus if you should ever need to call 9-1-1, your individual, household, property, vehicle, and animal/pet information will enable responders to assess your situation much quicker and more accurately before arriving at your residence. 

Currently, not many residents of Pelican Rapids or our surrounding area have signed up for the Smart911 emergency notifications. 

Please do not delay, but do so immediately whereas you can receive the new Smart911 emergency notifications. 

Your action today will give you ample time to respond to a possible tornado warning tomorrow, and to also give first responders ample information if they should have to respond to an emergency at your home.

Please sign up today to receive your Smart911 emergency notifications.