Residents, volunteers are most crucial asset in communities like Pelican Rapids

By Brent Frazier, mayor City of Pelican Rapids 

A lot can be said and learned about a community which has several ‘irons in the fire’ in regards to venues and projects.

A community as such can be seen as a visionary community that is proactive in its’ thinking and planning, and it is thus not classified as a reactionary community. This community, as a whole, focuses on the positive features of the community and the community amenities. These mentioned aspects are focused on with much emphasis directed to the strong qualities, of which it continues to bolster and strengthen.

These amenities and features can be listed as the assets of the community. They are not only recognized by local residents, but by the many visitors that frequent the community during the four seasons. These visitors travel many miles to partake in the venues and festivities and then explore the area’s natural and manmade resources. During this exploration they also frequent the businesses and spend their dollars, all adding to the positive economic impact of the community and the region.

These amenities and features are truly not the most important assets to the community. The first and most important assets to any community are the residents and volunteers. These individuals are the face, the ‘lifeblood’ and the strength of the community. Here in Pelican Rapids, they are your neighbor down the street, your friends and relatives across town and of course you.  

We are all fortunate to be living in a community such as Pelican Rapids. Yes, we are truly a community where we have so many wonderful individuals and volunteers who are always ready to ‘roll up their sleeves and go to work.’ 

These volunteers are willing and awaiting to be called upon to help with many short and long term projects. These volunteers can usually be seen working on various committees and projects during the same time line. They can be classified as’ the movers and the shakers’ of the community. They come from all walks of life pertaining to age, gender, culture, religion, income level, education, mobility and employment. Their heterogeneous personalities, ideas, strong characteristics and vision then meld into a common formulation which is of benefit to the residents and the community as a whole.

There are of course those individuals who would like to volunteer, but for unforeseen reasons such as health, family situations, employment and time restraints are not allowed to become engaged in such volunteerism within the community. They are still there to offer their suggestions and ideas to the various projects and venues, thus they too become an important asset to the community. 

So before we talk about the many venues and projects underway in Pelican Rapids, let’s thank the many individuals and volunteers that make it all possible. The next time that you see one of them, please tell them “thank you for your volunteer service in the community of Pelican Rapids.”

Thank you Pelican Rapids Volunteers, as we love and appreciate you all!