I’m a member of the Pelican Rapids Area Rotary Club. 

Have been for the past seven years or so. 

No big deal. 

We’re no better or more important than any other community service organization. I’m not the most active member…Nor am I the least.

But the Rotary Club advocates what is called the “FOUR WAY TEST.”

Rotary encourages folks to apply the test to 

the “things we think, say or do.”

First: Is it the Truth 

Second: Is it Fair to all concerned? 

Third: Will it build Goodwill, Better Friendships? 

Fourth: Will it be Beneficial to all concerned? 

ALL OF US could consider the Rotary Four Way Test in our thoughts, comments, actions—-and social media posts. 

We’re witnessing the good, the bad, and the ugly that accompanies hard times, as the coronavirus pandemic shrouds our very existence.

On the unattractive side:  Hoarding, political bickering, nasty Facebook posts, unkind acts toward our neighbors, heated rhetoric. 

I’ve certainly been guilty myself in forgetting the “Four Way Test” in my encounters.

But as we go forward in in this challenging period—I plan to consider the FOUR WAY TEST … at all times….

Reminder:  You’re not required to be a Rotarian to deploy the “Four Way Test.”  

Feel free!