Summer is here and the flower pots are back in the Pelican Rapids business district. The comments from visitors to Pelican Rapids say they add to the town. There are about 30 of them placed around town.

A little history: The large cement flower pots were purchased by Oktoberfest. It was one of their first projects to beautify Pelican Rapids. The flowers have been watered by the city and a few years ago – Lake Region Electric did some watering. The flowers are purchased by the city. The city waters the flower pots once per week.

This is my personal request: if there is a flower pot in front of your business, would you please adopt it? If the temperatures are in the 80s – once a week water is not enough. It would be great if someone from your business would be responsible for the plants getting watered. If the plant is between businesses, maybe you could take turns.

You will notice the vegetable of the year is tomato and some pots have tomatoes in the center. If your business isn’t able to water the plants, let me know and I will see if I can find someone to water the plants. Many of you have already been watering.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Judy Tabbut 
Pelican Rapids
Merchants on the Move