By Brent Frazier, mayor City of Pelican Rapids 

Living in a small community has many benefits, but also has several challenges.

With a smaller population base comes a much smaller tax base. A smaller tax base therefore equals less funding resources for amenities which are important to the residents and visitors.

Public amenities which are funded by municipalities are usually paid for by the budgeting process, monetary reserve funds, and in the case of Pelican Rapids, by reserves from our municipal liquor store.

At times the reserve funds do not accommodate the total cost of an amenity or public project. This is when extraordinary people ‘step up to the plate’ to help with these funding shortfalls.

The Pelican Rapids Park Board has been planning and proposing to replace the existing playground equipment in E. L. Peterson Park with new and improved playground equipment. This will be very exciting times for children and their parents at the completion of this project!

Through public reserve monies, a grant and now a monetary donation, this playground equipment will become a reality for the Pelican Rapids community in the year 2021.

The City of Pelican Rapids wishes to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Gloria Woodard of Bemidji who donated in excess of $13,000 for the new playground equipment project in memory of Clarence “Bud” and Deane Woodard. 

It was these same Woodard brothers who spent the years of their youth in Pelican Rapids and later graduated from Pelican Rapids High School. With a fondness in their hearts for Pelican Rapids and their memories told to Gloria, she decided to give back to Pelican Rapids.

It is through the ‘Acts of Kindness,’ such as from the Woodards in ‘paying it forward,’ that many can benefit by the actions of a few. 

Thank you Gloria and blessed be the memories of Clarence “Bud” and Deane Woodard.