By Brent Frazier, Mayor

City of Pelican Rapids 

Most communities across our country can be identified with an individual who seems to meld together peoples of different ages, nationalities and cultures.  But not every community can state that it has an individual that touches the hearts of local residents, visitors to their community and people across the globe.

The community of Pelican Rapids can surely say that we were blessed with such an individual that lived amongst us who touched the lives and hearts of multitudes of people.  She was a precious young lady named Faith Eileen Westby.  Although her life was cut short at 16 years of age, she lived a life that was exuberant and filled with energy.  

Her love for family and friends was very important to her, as one could witness by her hugs and beautiful smile.  If you were having a bad day, her greeting to you would help you forget about your problems, and hence you joined with her in the celebration of life. 

Faith was a country girl who loved her dogs named Bentley and Paisley. She loved farm animals and the county fair. Faith was known for spending time with her Grandma Audrey, whereas they could be seen downtown Pelican Rapids visiting with many people.

Faith loved to be on that track for Special Olympic events and was a cheerleader to her team mates.  Faith was loved by her classmates of the “Class of 2021.”  Their support to her could be seen in the classrooms and the halls of Viking Elementary School and Pelican Rapids High School.

Faith had a ministry on this earth which has now been completed. A ministry which we should all attempt to duplicate, by being a friend to everyone.  We now cling to our precious memories of a red-haired young lady who helped to change the world, one hug and smile at a time.  

There have been a lot of words spoken to explain what a special person she was, that once lived in our community.  Faith is deserving of all of those accolades.  

The community of Pelican Rapids mourns the loss of Faith Eileen Westby.  Time will help somewhat to ease our pain, but a tear in our hearts will remain. Our loss is Heaven’s gain.  Faith is now in the presence of her Lord, and living in a body that if free of earthly pain.  Although we are sad for ourselves, we are happy for Faith.

We were blessed to have known Faith, and therefore we thank Jeannie, Pete and Haley for sharing Faith with our community. 

Yes, Faith ministered to make us all better persons.  To this we say…“Faith, we love you”…