Electric cars? 

I firmly believe that along with mass transit in high-population areas—they are tomorrow’s major private vehicle.

That being said, the rolling blackouts predicted during bad weather tell me that, as yet—we don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle them. So, first things first.

They are heavy! Mainly because of battery weight! 

The average electric vehicle packs from 500 lbs. to over 1000 lbs. of batteries. New technology says they can cut this weight in half and at least double the charge life! First things first!

Cold weather seems to cripple batteries. It does tend to get a little brisk around here. There is a bright side— batteries in space seem to last for years. 

Time to bring the technology down to earth? One thing at a time.

We have a strange leadership—by signing a piece of paper and just dumping our tax money on the table they think they can make it happen now–at least on paper!

The facts say that big oil and industry have been dumping billions into alternative and more energy-efficient systems for years. One of the largest investors is Aramco- “Saudi” oil. 

That should tell you something!

Dave Damlo,
Star Lake area