100 years ago
July 11, 1918

The Fourth
Pelican Rapids was the most deserted place on the Fourth you ever saw. The inhabitants celebrated at various places, some going to Fergus Falls, some to the picnic in Rosholt’s Grove and many to various other places to spend the day at the lakes, picnicking and fishing.

Lake Lida Scene of Double Drowning on July Fourth Community Deeply Grieved Residents of Pelican Rapids and community were shocked beyond measure on the evening of July 4, on returning home from their various places of amusement and recreation to learn of the drowning of Ed N. Haugen and Mrs. Oscar Anderson Koppen, both of this village. The dreadful tragedy occurred in Lake Lida during the afternoon as Mr. Haugen and Mrs. Koppen were a short distance from shore taking a boat ride. Mrs. Koppen was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Bakken. Ed N. Haugen was the son of Mr. and Mrs. N.N. Haugen. Mr. Koppen and Ed Haugen had come ashore to start a fire and prepare something to eat just north of Oak Lodge on the west shore of Lake Lida. Mr. Haugen suggested that Mrs. Koppen go out for a little boat ride. They had been gone only a short time when Mr. Koppen heard screams for help and rushed to their assistance to no avail. The tragedy was the most shocking that ever occurred here and it cast a gloom over the neighborhood which will be hard to dispel.

75 years ago
July 15, 1943

• Another Big Scrap Drive is on
H.L. Larson has been appointed chairman of the Scrap and Salvage drive in Pelican Rapids and surrounding townships. The purpose of the drive is to see that all available heavy scrap gets into the scrap dealers hands not later than August 1st. The chief difficulty in the present drive is that farmers are far behind in their work as the result of the late spring and continued rain and cold weather. The government needs this scrap metal very badly, for our fighting men need guns and ammunition that requires scrap metal. It is hoped that each individual will take it upon himself to gather all the scrap metal they can and report the same to their township chairman. Township chairman are Scambler – Pete Hanson, Dunn – Chester Holbrook, Lida -John L. Strand, Pelican – John Jenson, Norwegian Grove – Jerbert Haugrud, Trondhjem – Nels Grefsrud.

• Send Cigarettes to the Fighting Men
The Commercial Club is sponsoring a plan to furnish cigarettes to service men free of charge. A tobacco company has promised to furnish a package of 20 cigarettes for 5 cents, presumably as a part of the company’s advertising campaign, and all that the Club has to do is to furnish milk bottles as containers in which the public can drop their pennies, dimes or dollars. There are 50 milk bottles placed in the business places in town with a sign on each bottle explaining the purpose of them. It is expected that quite a sum can be collected in this way, and as a 20 cent package of cigarettes can be purchased for 5 cents, it should not take very long to accumulate the money to buy a case or two.

50 years ago
July 11, 1968

• Creamery Adds Tanks to Join Market Pool
The Farmers Creamery of Pelican Rapids is instituting changes so local patrons will be getting full advantage of a Federal Milk Marketing order which went into effect for this area. Manager Henry Cleuver said that two bulk tanks are being installed at the plant here. One, with a capacity of 10,000 gallons, will be used for manufacturing milk; a second, with a 5,000 gallon capacity, will be used for Grade A milk. With these changes, the creamery here will be qualified as a Supply Pool Plant and will then be able to supply Grade A milk to bottling plants. With a 5,000 gallon capacity, full tank loads of Grade A can be shipped to any point in the nation, Cluever said.

25 years ago
July 14, 1993

• Intruders suffer cuts from broken window
The person or persons who broke into the Farmers Elevator last week has something to show for the effort: cut hands. Police report that entry was gained to the unloading area by breaking a window, and indications at the scene are that cuts were sustained. Entry was not gained to the office area. Police are investigating the incident. Also under investigation is the theft of two bicycles, and an- other sighting of a car the occupant of which has been seen taking photos in the Maplewood Heights neighborhood.

• New Miss Northwest
Tess Carlson was crowned Miss Northwest Saturday night at the scholarship pageant at the Detroit Lakes junior high school. She will reign throughout the 1993 Detroit Lakes Water Carnival and will compete next June in the 1994 Miss Minnesota Pageant. Tess won all four areas of competition in the pageant, including the talent competition. Tess is not the first Pelican Rapids woman to win the title, Carol Smestad (1986), LuAnn Nelson (1981) and Susan Johnson (1977) each had their turn reigning over the event.