We are told that roads and bridges are in need of repair. Taxes will have to be raised to accomplish this. 

I look at the Highway 108 and 59 project in Pelican Rapids and look at the three roundabouts as extras. If the extras would be left out our dollars would go further. On this project, the roundabouts are extras not needed. 

Roundabouts run as high as $750,000. The three roundabouts would cost around $1,500,000, to $2,500,000.

Stop lights about $350,000 each for a total of $700,000. 

Also to build roundabouts, 14 parking spaces could be lost. Parking spaces are worth a lot of money to local business economy. Say each space would generate $25 of sales, that would be $350 a day or $109,200 a year. Small town businesses need every dollar they can earn. 

There are more negatives on this project, I just touched on the main ones. 

Thank you,

Richard Westby