Two bills introduced this month in the MN legislature may drastically change the energy policy of our state. HF 235 guts the “Made in Minnesota Solar Energy Incentive” that has nurtured our new state solar energy industry.

It has generated hundreds of good jobs as well as helped to slow climate change. The second, HF 234 (coauthored by Bud Nornes), would exempt rural electric coops from oversight from the public utility commission. Because electric co-ops are monopolies, the PUC was set up to ensure that they operate in the public interest. Some co-ops have proposed punitive fees to discourage sustainable clean energy production by individuals. HF 234 would allow them to go around the PUC and suppress green energy production.

It you agree that we need to continue to invest in clean energy let Mr. Nornes know. (800-336-8017 or

We are fortunate that Lake Region Electric has adopted a very progressive stance toward clean energy. Not only have they invested in clean sustainable energy production but they have been supportive of those of us who have been able to invest in local production.  In the last twenty years Joanie and I have produced over 330 megawatt hours of clean energy for ourselves and our neighbors. That’s 165 tons of carbon that didn’t get dumped into the atmosphere.

That would not have happened without the support of Lake Region Electric.


Dave and Joan Ellison