The Otter Tail county gravel tax?

It’s money paid to the county for material that cannot be replaced—the same as iron or coal. Once it’s gone—It’s gone.

It’s a pass-through expense paid by the end user. 

It’s a tax imposed by the county and controlled by the county commissioners. Properly worded, it is a tax on material EXPORTED from the county and not on material used within the county.

It does not benefit anybody in the local business-Maybe a pain if they have to collect and record it for the county.

More important are the regulations the county commissioners are trying to draft in order to protect the environment, the local economy, and the highway infrastructure.

On separate notes: 

• “I raised Social Security!” A Mr. Biden comment. It’s true!

Social security raises are controlled by the rate of inflation. With all of his proposed give-away programs; inflation skyrocketed, and Social Security payments increased. 

You don’t have any more buying power—just more money.

It also looks good on his tax plan: If more money changes hands-More taxes are collected.

Looks good on paper! 

You just don’t have more actual buying power.

So who’s trying to feed you a line of B.S.?

• Mr. Pelosi almost got killed in his own home by a nutcase with a hammer! That’s sad!

When you consider the threats and insults thrown around congress over the last five years or so, it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

“Get Trump!” was the battle cry of the Democratic party before the man was even in office. And it never quit!

It escalated on January 6 when Mr. Trump refused to follow the laws of the land and concede the election.

Or—Mrs. Pelosi- “I’d like to punch Trump!”

We also have Mr. Biden claiming that “if” I vote Republican—I’m voting against democracy!

Talk about a threat?

We have elected-supposedly-college educated-responsible-level-headed individuals to guide this country thru good times and bad. What happened?

They sound like the schoolyard bully passing out threats and insults!

Dave Damlo, 
Star Lake