What happened in Uvalde, Texas, was an act of premeditated-cold blooded murder of more than 20 totally innocent people!

It was an act of domestic terrorism! The same as the bombings in Boston and Oklahoma City!

Instead of treating it for what it was—it became a political gambit, and GUN CONTROL reared its ugly head again!

Back in the day- Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev stated, “We will bury you! Not with a shovel but with political discord in the Capitalistic system!” At one point, he took off his shoe and pounded on the podium! That plan hasn’t changed in over 60 years.

Please keep that in mind.

And think about this:

This country has survived for over 200 years because we have had the will and the ability to defend ourselves both as a military and a civilian force.

We have survived and prospered because we have worked together.

We have people flooding our borders because they have lost the will and ability to defend themselves in their home country.

We have Ukraine—They have learned the hard way what happens when they submit to terrorism. They want weapons.

As far as home defense?

I can probably do more damage with the old 12 gauge and double ought buckshot than an assault rifle because that’s 8 to 12 bullets every time I pull the trigger. Maybe we should ban all shotguns?

At close quarters a ball bat or cast iron frying pan and my German Shepard seem quite effective.

Ban Assault rifles because they cause terroristic acts?

Probably need to clean out a lot of items, including sugar from the local grocery store, because according to the internet, one can make a bomb out of almost anything.

In short—terrorism is an effort to get people to panic and make irrational decisions.

We need to learn how to deal with the sick people doing these acts, not the items they use.

A few additional notes:

A. Semi-automatic, assault-type weapons with extended clips have been available to the general public since about 1900 or so. Example-The Winchester model 1907.

B. You can join the military at 18-but, you can’t buy an assault weapon until 21. So… Who’s got a screw loose?

C. The battle cry for the last two years has been police brutality, poor training, etc. We need to use social methods. Whatever!-Now we have 20 dead children-Again!

In a situation like this, an officer has about one second to decide–If I shoot-do I go to jail?-If I don’t shoot, do I go to jail? That’s where the public has put the officer.

Not to mention the hundreds of million of dollars paid out in legal settlements.

If people want to see the problem-Go look in the mirror. SOMEBODY else can’t solve this problem.

Think about that when politicians holler “gun control!” in an effort to solicit votes.

That is what I want to say… What’s your opinion?

Dave Damlo,
Star Lake