We were delighted to have read the “Pass-It-On store marks 15th year in business” article in last week’s Press.

The store certainly is a magnificent success. It didn’t “just” happen. It took a lot of work and dedication by a lot of people over the years.

Everyone, please keep the “store” in your prayers and as manager Diane would undoubtedly say, “keep volunteering, we need you.”

We would also like to express our appreciation for receiving and reading The Press. The paper is well done.

We now live in Lexington, KY and the postal department takes a week to deliver the paper to our mailbox. That’s ok.

We are still able to keep up with what is happening in Pelican Rapids and area.

Don Rapske
Lexington, KY

Editor’s note: Don Rapske was a long-time Pelican resident, and dedicated volunteer at the Pass-It-On store and other local charitable efforts. He relocated to Kentucky last year.