Great News! Wow!

 Something I complained about in an earlier newspaper issue has come true. 

My concern was the proposed two roundabouts in one city block of the main business district. It didn’t make sense. It appears that neither does it to a few others in the city. 

Matt Strand and Rick Westby did their homework. 

Thank you! 

I just got back home from picking up my mail at the post office. Tried parallel parking on main street. Signaling that I intended to park next to the curb, traffic behind me pulled up so close I could not back into the space next to the curb. They were eager to go around me. Having a bicycle lane next to parked cars and 14 fewer parking spaces would have been worse. MnDOT’s idea does not always work for all cities. 

Our cities and city council should have the final say, not MnDOT. 

Cary Johnson,

Pelican Rapids