We hear some outrageous promises by both political candidates for president. One candidate assures us that we will again be great if we can bring back our high paying manufacturing jobs from overseas. That is a simple solution that won’t work. There are many reasons why the high paying jobs have disappeared.

The introduction of the computer age is one reason that we are lacking high paying jobs. The computer has taken over many human functions. Now experts tell us that we are about to see even more sophisticated systems that will even resemble human intelligence. That’s scary stuff.

Manufacturing automation has significantly reduced employment over the years. And, it is predicted that will accelerate over the next decade. This means that it will take even less worker hours to manufacture a product. 3D printing is now becoming popular around the world to produce spare parts. Again, it takes less worker hours to produce that part.

Electric cars will be the dominate form of transportation within 10 years. This will greatly disrupt our automobile industry and of course cause the loss of jobs. And, can you believe, we will soon be driven about by self-driving vehicles. That is quite a change, isn’t it? These self-driven vehicles will be safer so that will also impact the auto insurance companies.

One candidate said we will bring back the coal industry. That is unlikely because there is a surplus of natural gas brought about by the fracking industry which means the power companies will be rapidly converting to gas. Some experts claim that coal companies will go out of business in 10 years. Solar energy is also being greatly expanded worldwide.

Change is inevitable. How we as a country handle the tremendous change is extremely challenging. The incoming president and congress will need to sit down together to decide the path we are to take to again make our lives relevant. Our votes in November are very important. Please study the issues and vote.

Don Rapske

Pelican Rapids