By Brenda Brand

100 years ago

November 14, 1918


German Officials Sign Armistice Monday Morning

Fighting Ceased at Eleven O’Clock Monday, Paris Time

Every American ought to feel proud of the accomplishments of the United States for its part in helping to terminate the great war.

It was a wonderful achievement and what it has done in the past few months is more like a dream than a reality. Those who did not sympathize with us in our entry into the war ought to see the light now and rejoice that the war is over. They ought also to get down upon their knees in their secret closets and ask pardon from the almighty for what they have done in obstructing the war policy for what would have been our future had Germany won!

E.L. Peterson

75 years ago

November 18, 1943

• Pelican Farm Bureau Names Officers for Year

The weather and roads were perfect Thursday evening, November 11, when the Pelican Farm Bureau Unit held its annual meeting at the John E. Maasjo home in Norwegian Grove. A record crowd was in attendance, with Martin Pearson presiding. Officers elected for the coming years were: president, Martin Pearson; vice president, Theo. Rosholt; secretary, Mrs. Ernest Jacobson; treasurer, Orville Monson; reporter, Mrs. Wm. Lattin; program committee, John Maasjo, Walter Holmgren, Mrs. Herbert Haugrud; serving committee, Martin Pearson, E.L. Thorpe, Adolph Kollar.

• Farmers Selling Meat Must Collect Ration Points

Farmers may sell a portion of the meat that has resulted from farm slaughtering but must collect ration points and must have a farm slaughtering permit, Harold W. Bangert, District OPA Director, emphasized again this week.

50 years ago

November 14, 1968

• Finds Wedding Ring Lost 20 Years Ago

A wedding ring lost 20 years ago turned up the other day at the Melvin Haglund farm.

Haglund said he drove his tractor into the farm yard after doing some field work when he noticed a digger tooth wasn’t scouring. Kicking the dirt from it, he noticed a shiny object hooked on the tooth. It was his wedding ring.

The ring was lost in 1948, Haglund recalled. He was harnessing up a team of horses in an old barn – now gone – when he felt the ring slip from his finger. Though he looked through the stall, he couldn’t find it.

After a little straightening, the ring is back on Haglund’s finger.

“Now I have to behave myself again” he said holding up his left hand.

• Home Ec, Vocational Ag Classes Exchange

Boys in a home economics class? Girls taking shop training?

It happened recently at Pelican Rapids High School when the 11th grade Home Ec class and the 11th grade Vocational Agriculture classes exchanged for about two weeks.

Prompting the exchange was the possibility of adding a chef’s class for boys and a course in Home Improvement and Repair for the girls.

In the Home Economics department, the boys were taught basic table manners and etiquette, basic food preparation, and how to sew on a button.

At the same time, the girls were trying their hand at using tools such as hammers and screwdrivers, changing plug-ins on electrical appliance cords, and also learning basics in furniture refinishing.

Interest and enthusiasm on the part of the students was high and the exchange was termed a success.

25 years ago

November 17, 1993

• Choir Fest Participants

Pelican Rapids High School participants in the St. John’s Choir Festival October 30 included: Beth Peter, Tina Stanton, Christa Bongers, Karin McGregor, Emily Johnson, Tammi Dillon, Tally Carlson and Abby Larson.

The Pelican singers joined over 1,000 high school and college students from throughout Minnesota at St. John’s University for the 4th Annual Male Chorus/Treble Choir Festival. Along with singing in the mass choir, the students listened to many collegiate groups, including College of St. Benedict, St. Cloud State Bel Canto, Crown College Women’s Choir, St. Catherine’s/St. Thomas Women’s Choir, University of Minnesota Women’s Choir, St. Olaf Manitou Singers, St. Cloud State Riverman, St Olaf Viking Chorus, Northwestern Male Chorus and St. John’s University Male Chorus.

• Reward Offered

The TIP program (Turn in Poachers) offers a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for shooting a cow moose and leaving it in a field east of Pelican Rapids, Game Warden Ray Jensen said Monday. Anyone having information may call him or the TIP hotline.

The moose frequented the area near Maplewood State Park according to Robert Babler, who lives nearby, and had seen it in his yard eating apples from a tree. He spotted it lying in a hayfield across the highway from the park and reported it to Jensen on Sunday. It apparently was grazing in a hayfield when it was shot from the highway. The first shot dropped it, and the hunter then walked out into the field and finished it off with a second shot. It appeared that an attempt had been made to cover the huge animal with snow.