Snowmobiles banned from part of Maplewood Park in 1969 because over-fishing fears of impacting new rainbow trout stocking program

By Brenda Brand

100 years ago, January 30, 1919

• Pool Hall Sold

A deal of considerable importance was made the other day, when Ben Borgerson sold his pool hall to Henry Burau, who will take possession next Monday. Mr. Burau is a brother of Richard Burau, who lived here for many years.

• Press Editor Doing Extra Duties

The editor’s family has been sick with the flu since Saturday and he has had to be nurse, chamber maid, chore boy, kitchen mechanic, milk maid, reporter, editor and devil, and if the paper doesn’t suit your taste this week, just drop in and take a whirl at it yourself and see how you like it.

75 years ago, February 3, 1944

• Village, Scambler, Pelican and Lida Over the Top on Bonds

Up to Tuesday noon, 76% of the bond sales had been made for the Pelican Rapids district, according to M.J. Hanson, chairman of the bond drive. Pelican Rapids has over-subscribed its quota of $57,000. Scambler, Pelican and Lida Townships are also over the top, but Dunn and Norwegian Grove townships are not doing so well. The bond committee hopes that the Norwegian Grove territory will get busy and raise its quota, which is considered not an excessive sum for that township. 

There still is all of February left before the drive closes and it will be a fine thing if the district will be able to show a clean record.

Only one other district in the county has a higher percentage of sales.

• Snow Used to Put out Fire

What might have been a very serious fire started in the Anton Resset blacksmith shop at Cormorant early Saturday morning. 

Hot coals from a stove are believed to have started the fire, but it was discovered and put out with snow and water before much damage was done.

50 years ago, January 30, 1969

• Classes Dismissed Early Again Wednesday

Classes at Pelican Rapids schools were dismissed shortly before 2:00 pm Wednesday, when heavy snows again threatened to plug area roads.

Besides several early closings, schools have been closed for five full days as a result of blizzards this winter. The last three “storm” days were Thursday and Friday of last week and Monday of this week.

The weather was even to blame for a delay in issuing Junior and Senior High report cards at Pelican Rapids High School.

Report cards were to have been issued last Thursday, but there was no school because of a blizzard. School opened again Tuesday, but so many were absent that cards were not issued. Students finally received their reports, Wednesday, January 29, just before classes were dismissed early because of, you guessed it, another snow storm.

• Game & Fish Director Explains Bass Lake Decision

A decision to ban snowmobiles from Bass Lake within the Maplewood State Park has been explained further by Richard Wettersten, Director of the Game and Fish Division of the Department of Conservation.

In reply to a letter written to Parks Director U.W. Hella by Collin Engebretson, President of the Pelican Rapids Jaycees, Wettersten said that Bass Lake is only about 25 acres in size and has been trying to increase the number of Rainbow Trout that have been stocked in the lake. 

Last winter was the first winter trout season with a limit of 10 trout, which was on the high side and excessive numbers of fish were taken, at least in some waters. It has been the habit of some to return to a lake several times in a day to catch another limit. While this is strictly illegal, it is extremely difficult to enforce.

To combat this problem and help the Trout to repopulate, snowmobiles have been restricted from accessing the lake.

25 years ago, February 2, 1994

• As Smooth as Glass

Pelican Rapids skaters are finding the rinks in tip-top condition these days, courtesy of some volunteers and a home-made Zamboni devised by Mike Magnusson. Working with Magnusson on Saturday were Mark Sjostrom, Everett Erickson, Christopher Howard, Kevin Soberg and Van Holmgren. The group is looking to form a volunteer organization to work for further improvements at the rinks, possibly even adding boards to the hockey rink at some later date.

• Coronation is highlight of Sno-ball at Rothsay High School

The coronation of the king and queen to be held at the Rothsay High School auditorium at 2:15 p.m. will highlight the Sno-ball festivities on February 4, which will also include a game and a dance. Seniors who are candidates for King and Queen are Curt Zimmerman, Dan Amundson and Brian Marquardt; and Luynnae Stender, Sheena Larson, and Amy Lorshbough. Junior attendants are Trina Trosvik and Lee Peterson; sophomores are Stella Baker and Matt Amundson; freshmen are Mindy Duoree and Brad Waldoch. The first grade crown bearers are Ashley Steiner and Derek Froslie.