100 years ago
August 29, 1918

Trondhjem Township News
The school board of District 78 has engaged Miss Minnie Syvertson, of Pelican Rapids as teacher for the coming year. School will open September 30.
The Young People’s Society of Stod will meet at Thor Sorem’s Sunday, Sept. 1, at 3 p.m.

• Bad Storm
One of the worst storms that this vicinity has seen broke over the village last week at twelve o’clock midnight. The wind blew a hurricane and considerable hail fell. Corn and garden stuff were badly riddled up and many trees were blown down. Several window lights were broken out in various parts of the village. The Great Northern round house came very nearly collapsing. The door was open allowing the wind free access, and the south side of the building was blown out about five feet from the foundation. One window sash was completely taken out. The storm was accompanied by a very heavy rain. The storm center seemed to be in the immediate vicinity of the village although the hail did more or less damage to the east of us, extending some twelve or fifteen miles.

75 years ago
September 2, 1943

• Public Schools To Open September 13
The school bell will ring on September 13 for the start of what is expected to be a successful school year. Teachers for all the grades and high school positions have been secured with the exception of the agriculture department, with no prospects of securing an instructor. The freshman class is expecting 55 students and the sophomore and junior classes should be about average in enrollment. The senior class will be smaller than last year, with about 55 enrolled at present. It is expected that more students will come in later on after harvest, increasing the enrollment in the high school which will be around 245. The grades will have about 180 enrolled, with a large first grade, numbering around 30. Four country schools north of town will be transporting the children by bus to the village school.

• Air Raid Signals to be Given Friday Noon
One of the things learned in the test blackout last week was the lack of general knowledge of the various signals used in a blackout, and in order that the people become familiar with them the signals will be sounded here Friday noon this week. The first signal which will be heard is the CAUTION signal-a steady blast of the siren for 2 minutes. This means that all lights must be put out, but cars are permitted to proceed on low beam, and people are permitted on the streets. The second signal is the DANGER signal-a fluctuating sound of the siren for 2 minutes-which means that planes are overhead and all lights must remain out, cars are to pull to the side of the road and stop, and all but the air raid wardens are to be off the streets.
The third signal is the CAUTION signal again, the same as before, which means the immediate danger is over and car and pedestrian traffic can be resumed, but lights MUST remain out until the all clear signal is given. The all clear signal is the turning on of the street lights.

50 years ago
August 29, 1968

• Expect to Enroll Nearly 1,400
Yesterday was the first day of school for Pelican Rapids students, nearly 1,400 of whom are expected to be enrolled here this year. There had been some questions of where the kindergarten classes were to have been held, since classrooms were needed for Junior-Senior High classes. Superintendent Chauncey Martin and members of the Board of Education had investigated the possibility of renting the Faith Church Parish Hall, which had been used in years past for kindergarten classes. The classes however will be held in the same two classrooms in the Junior-Senior High building that were used last year. Extra classrooms in the same building were gained by moving supplies from a room that had been used for storage.

• Teen Idol is Visitor to Pelican
The extra excitement at the golden wedding open house for Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Puckett at Trinity Church Sunday was the appearance of their grandson, the leader of a “rock’n’roll” band, the Union Gap. Gary Puckett, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arlon Puckett of Vista, California, and the grandson of the L.A. Pucketts, took time out from his busy schedule of personal appearances with his band to spend a few days with his grandparents in Pelican Rapids and help them observe their wedding anniversary. His appearance here, in “mod” attire, caused quite a stir among local teenagers, many of whom have probably helped the Union Gap earn three gold records. Puckett, who is 26 years old, and his wife Shannon have one daughter, Cindy. Puckett was named an “Honorary Mayor of Pelican Rapids” by Mayor Henry Korda.

25 years ago
September 1, 1993

• School Enrollment Higher Than Expected
Total enrollment of 1,271 is expected for the 1993-1994 school year. This is an increase of 64 students from opening day of last year. “It’s rather crowded,” said elementary principal Blace Schmidt, as space has been at a premium for the last several years in the elementary building. High school principal, Glenn Moerke, said that the increased enrollment in the secondary building has caused “extreme space problems.” He cited the fact that  part-time Spanish teacher, Jeanine Stahlberg, has her desk in a room formerly used as a janitor’s closet.

• Off to Rollag
Another antique is being moved to the print shop on the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers grounds at Rollag: a Model 14 Linotype from the Pelican Rapids Press. The Linotype has been fired up only rarely in the past 20 years, but prior to that it was a mainstay in the production of the Press. It dates back some 70 years. Arranging for the move Monday was Bob Waite, Pelican Lake, former publisher of a Breckenridge newspaper. Assisting with the move is LeRoy Glaesman, who has worked at the Press for over 40 years and operated the machine. Richard and Gary Peterson, publishers of the press were also on hand.