Editor’s Note:  Published here are just a few of the thousands of comments that were posted, emailed or texted to the Pelican Rapids Press, following the June 12 column regarding a Facebook post critical of the Press graduation photos, because Somali students were prominently pictured in several of the images.  

Subsequent media coverage propelled Pelican Rapids into the national spotlight, with broadcast and newspaper stories circulated from the east to west coasts. 

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I live in Hendricks, way down in the southwest part of the state, right on the border and clinging onto Minnesota.

THANK YOU for your column which showed so clearly that you are the polar opposite of anti-American. Your words spoke volumes and the only thing wrong with it is that it wasn’t published on July 4.

I learned about your column from the StarTribune via a – gulp! – Facebook posting. I hope you are swamped with 10,000 congratulatory emails of appreciation. Count mine as one of those. Paul Olson 

Thank you, Louis Hoglund, for your letter to our communities regarding being American. I appreciate your leadership. Daniel Glisczinski

Cris Egle  I just now read of your great response to a intolerant person, on the AP news feed. What a grand person you are. You not only spoke for your community, but for the majority of a nation. Thank you. (I live in Montana)

Carol White Pelican Rapids back in 2001 or so was a city we lifted up as an example of welcoming tactics for the new refugees coming to the city, no doubt for jobs. They had a winning soccer team, with students from different countries and backgrounds. The games brought the parents together too. There will always be a, hopefully-few, backward simpletons who want to ruin things. Brush them away like cockroaches.

Deb Lontz I met a lot of these awesome graduates at the beginning of their education experience. They are an amazing group of people. In this class are future doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, parents and more. Our future is in great hands.

So proud of you guys for welcoming all new residents to Pelican Rapids and to Minnesota. Makes me proud to be Minnesotan  Bob Thompson