All you Norwegians out there ought to know what “Gud’s Hus” means. 

“God’s House” is the translation, which was included in the many historical items on display for the recent North Immanuel Lutheran Church’s 150th anniversary celebration. 

The church was founded by Norwegian immigrants, but today, the parish is lead by the Rev. Isiah Bai—a Chinese immigrant. He was ordained at the Fergus Falls seminary, and North Immanuel is his  first parish.

At the North Immanuel celebration, I asked Pastor Bai to write “God’s House” in Chinese characters, which is pictured above.  Also, he wrote how Chinese would phonetically pronounce  God’s House: “shen de jia.” 

–Louis Hoglund, managing editor 

Rev. Isiah Bai, North Immanuel Lutheran Church, with wife Killian and daughters, at church’s August 150’th celebration. Below, “God’s House” in Chinese characters, as written by Pastor Bai—and the pronounciation as spoken in his part of China.