So I figure it’s time to tell you all the truth. You are all going to get the coronavirus. You will all probably survive but if we don’t slow the rate of spread, the logarithmic expansion stage will overwhelm the hospitals and many, many elderly and immunocompromised people will die of bilateral pneumonia waiting for a ventilator.

 Many accident victims which could otherwise be saved may also die. Those of us that are healthy and get over it quickly will be the carriers of the disease to the ones that will die before we show any symptoms. I’m not kidding. 

Distance yourself from your elderly loved ones starting now. Keep your kids away from them. Tell them to ignore the advice from the internet and stay home. 

Stay out of Cracker Barrel, church, and ladies aid meetings. Nursing homes will be a killing field. No one on Earth has immunity to this virus and sooner or later we will all get it. 

The question is, will you do your part to slow the spread and allow the disease to progress slowly through the population so that there will be enough medical capacity to keep the sick alive or will you “Cowboy Up” and put the vulnerable at risk? If you love someone who is old or has a chronic respiratory illness (like CF) you will wash your hands frequently, stop going to public events, stay out of crowds, and tell your parents to stay home and out of sight for a few months. It’s a small price to pay but this is not a joke. I have extensive training in virology and immunology.

 This is my advice as a scientist and a person who cares what happens to some specific people that could die if we don’t follow this advice. 

Adrian Lund.  Pelican Lake