I read the Press. I listen to the news! I hear people talk!

I haven’t seen this much interest in politics in the last 40 years!

To quote a previous Minnesota Governor: “I don’t really care if people are for me or against me…If they are talking about me, they are paying attention!”

Looking at the number of candidates in the primaries around the area, and the attention focused on them—People are paying attention!

Now the tricky part–Whom do I vote for?

The one that is slinging the most mud and calling the most names-OR-the person that actually knows what they’re talking about?

I always try to compare what the person has done, to what “I promise to do!”

The best advice I’ve ever had? Follow the MONEY trail to see why a person is for-or against an issue!

Choose wisely! It’s our future!

Dave Damlo
Star Lake