By Paul Gubrud, Columnist

100 years ago, January 6, 1921

• Fire Alarm

The fire alarm sounded at about two o’clock yesterday morning, the fire being in Dr. Miller’s barn, now used as a livery and feed stable by Rossum and Kind. The fire evidently originated from ashes which contained live coals and was dumped outside. Very little damage was done but the fire was discovered just in time to prevent a bad blaze.

• New Milestone in Creamery Business in Minnesota

The opening of the new plant of the Farmers’ Co-operative Creamery Company of this place and the passing of another milestone in the progress of Minnesota’s co-operative creamery and dairy products marketing business were celebrated here on December 18th by a crowd of 2,000 gathered from the whole farming community for the event.

• ATTENTION: Pelican Rapids Juvenile Band

All members are requested to meet at the Band Hall on Friday evening this week for practice. Meet up as follows: Cornets, Clarinets, and Drums at 7:30 p. m. Trombones, Altos, Basses and Baritones at 8 o’clock. Director—C. A. Hanson.

75 years ago, January 3, 1946

• Welcome Back… Men Receiving Discharge From Army and Navy

Carl Hagen, the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hagen to receive his discharge from the service, came home the first of the week, having recently returned to the states from Japan.

Raymond Haarstad is happy to be home after four and one-half years of service with the United States Army, having been given his discharge at Camp McCoy, Wis., a few days before Christmas. Raymond served in the European area.

• No Butter in Western Cities

Pelican Brand butter photo courtesy
Tom Albright.

Mrs. Oscar Nelson, a former resident of this place now of Bell, Calif., writes:

“Yes, we have no butter at all here in Bell or Los Angeles. Just received a pound of good Pelican Brand butter and are very lucky. Lots of our friends would like a bite, but we are keeping it to ourselves.”

• Wants to Forget Sight of Atom Bomb Damage

Eugene Solinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Solinger has written his folks from Sasebo, Japan, where he is now stationed. Sasebo is 20 miles from Nagasaki where the atom bomb hit.

“I was over to Nagasaki the other day, which is a place you only want to see once and then wish you had never been there. Now I believe nothing can live where an atom bomb hits even for 75 years afterward.”

50 years ago, January 7, 1971

• Liquor Store Sales For Year Top $200,000

Sales at the municipal liquor store amounted to $202,942 during 1970, about $30,000 more than the previous year. It was the second full year of operation for the store, opening in December 1968.

• Host Family Needed for Next AFS Student

Families who would like to serve as hosts for a foreign student during the next school year are asked to contact members of the committee named by the local American Field Services chapter.

On the committee are Mrs. Karen Sorum, Mrs. John Larsen, Clarence W. Peterson, Ernest Hovland, and Kenneth Ness.

The AFS Chapter is again making plans for an exchange student at Pelican Rapids under an international scholarship program which brings foreign students to this country for the senior year in high school.

• Faith Church Receives $5,000 Memorial

A memorial gift of $5000 has been received by the Faith Lutheran Church in Pelican Rapids in memory of Lewis H. Oehlert, a Fargo attorney who died December 8.

In a letter which accompanied the gift, Mrs. Oehlert writes: “It is my wish that this gift first be used to furnish ten Sunday School rooms, install a new furnace, a public address system, and acquire a new piano, with any balance to be used for debt retirement.”

25 years ago, January 3, 1996

• Fifth-graders Learn More than Expected in Quilt Project (by Julie Tunheim)

At first, not all 27 students in Annette Thorson’s fifth-grade classroom thought sewing quilts for charity would be a good project. But by the day before Christmas vacation, everyone agreed the project was a great one.

Thorson’s students sewed and quilted for about three weeks. With the help of Viking volunteers and other parents, they made over 20 quilts of all sizes. “I thought sewing was boring,” admitted Jacob Yeske. “I don’t think so anymore!”

• Number of Fire Calls Was Up During 1995

Pelican Rapids firemen were called out 45 times during the past year, up 25 percent from the 1994 total. 30 of the calls were two rural sites, with Scambler Township at nine and Dunn with seven having the most calls. Two of the fire calls were to assist neighboring fire departments and 13 of the calls, five more than the previous year, were within the city.