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  • Painting of Pelican airport tower was overdue–last time was 1990

    | Published on October 2, 2018 at 10:51pm CDT Pelican Press| Author: Pelican Press


    Great story in last week’s Press about Zane Brosowske and his Eagle Scout Project of painting the beacon tower at the Pelican Rapids Airport, call sign 47Y (Sorry it’s the pilot in me.) It also brought back good memories of the Eagle Scout projects of two of my grandsons. And, it also brought back memories of how that beacon tower ended up at 47Y. As… Read More

  • Commends ‘Pass-It-On’ store for its 15 years

    | Published on September 6, 2018 at 11:19am CDT Pelican Press| Author: Pelican Press


    We were delighted to have read the “Pass-It-On store marks 15th year in business” article in last week’s Press. The store certainly is a magnificent success. It didn’t “just” happen. It took a lot of work and dedication by a lot of people over the years. Everyone, please keep the “store” in your prayers and as manager Diane would undoubtedly say,… Read More

  • Common sense concerning building codes

    | Published on August 21, 2018 at 9:15pm CDT Pelican Press| Author: Pelican Press


    I remember once stopping at city hall, at the window, where you can talk to city hall employees. I overheard a woman ahead of me ask a question about whether or not a building permit was required to replace a door and a window in her home. The answer was, “Yes.” I could not believe what I heard. In no way should a building… Read More

  • Concerns over lakeside fireworks raised following Pelican Press article

    | Published on August 7, 2018 at 8:42am CDT Pelican Press| Author: Pelican Press


    After reading the article in the Pelican Rapids Press, July 25 edition, “Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky,” it hit home with what I’ve noticed over the past twenty some years that we lived in our lake home near Vergas. Even though there are several great places to view fireworks on the Fourth of July, like Perham’s… Read More

  • Gilbertson a 63-year subscriber to the Pelican Rapids Press

    | Published on August 7, 2018 at 8:41am CDT Pelican Press| Author: Pelican Press


    I had almost decided not to subscribe to the Pelican Rapids Press; but here I am subscribing once more. We first subscribed to the Press in 1955. Our daughter was entering second grade in Pelican Rapids. Our country school closed after she had finished first grade. My husband and I lived in Tansem township, south of Rollog for 51 years. Our… Read More

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