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  • Legislator Rasmusson on board for bus tour of Pelican Sept. 22

    | Published on September 15, 2021 at 9:15am CDT Louis Hoglund| Author: Louis Hoglund


    The legislators are coming to town, and at the head of the entourage when the bus unloads in Pelican Rapids will be Jordan Rasmusson.  The first-term State House Representative will join Pelican city officials in a tour of two local projects: The swimming pool/aquatic center; and a pedestrian bridge crossing at the city damsite.  The requests for … Read More

  • Rinse station helps in fight against AIS

    | Published on September 8, 2021 at 10:38am CDT Tom Hintgen| Author: Tom Hintgen


     Most angers know that cleaning boats after leaving area lakes, in order to stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), takes some efforts that are not always easy. Giving a helping hand to anglers, after some time spent fishing on Little Pine Lake near Perham, is Otter Tail County which has installed a rinse station… Read More

  • Orphan Train Riders Gathering Oct. 2, in Little Falls preserves unique history

    | Published on September 8, 2021 at 10:04am CDT Pelican Rapids Press| Author: Pelican Rapids Press


    Between 1854-1929, more than 250,000 children were placed on “orphan trains” from the east coast and placed with unfamiliar adoptive families across America.  When they arrived at their new homes, some children joined kind and loving families, while others became indentured servants bound to hard labor. This was the largest mass migration of children ever to… Read More

  • 100-year-old Vergas church builds new hall

    | Published on September 8, 2021 at 9:35am CDT Pelican Rapids Press| Author: Pelican Rapids Press


    Special dedication, worship Sept. 12 at Vergas St. Johns By Louis Hoglund When Shari Fankhanel was married at Vergas St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1972, grandparents and great-grandparents shuffled down to the lower sanctum for cake and coffee.  No longer. More than a century after the congregation organized, the church now has an impressive 76 by 48-foot addition…. Read More

  • What is self-care?

    | Published on September 8, 2021 at 9:32am CDT Pelican Rapids Press| Author: Pelican Rapids Press


    Tips for practicing Self-care “When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” – Jean Bolen Self-care describes anything you do to keep yourself healthy. It’s a broad term that covers many aspects of a person’s life, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… Read More

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