My family and I give thanks to God for the communities of Zion Lutheran on Franklin Lake and the surrounding area for the wonderful fund raiser held on my behalf on February 26, 2023!  I give thanks to all the individuals, businesses, and groups that donated time, money, and silent auction items.  This is a wonderful community to be a part of. I am so blessed to be able to call Lake Country my home.

I recently underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) and the show of support and prayers of healing have sustained me over these last nine months! I am doing well and continue under the care of Roger Maris Cancer Center and the University of Minnesota BMT Center.  I must still get bi-weekly checkups with the doctors and my test results show improvement after each visit!  The care given by these two medical centers cannot be matched anywhere in the world.  The staff members are true blessings to those whom they serve.  I will forever be thankful that God has blessed me with them!

This season of Easter is especially meaningful this year as we celebrate the new life given in our Savior Jesus Christ. In November a young man somewhere in the U.S. donated his bone marrow so that I might have new life as well.  That 21-year-old understood Jesus’ command that we love one another as we love ourselves.  To him I give thanks and look forward to learning his name sometime next November.  May the peace and healing given in Jesus sustain and keep all families in our community!

In the love of Jesus,
retired Pastor Dale Pepelnjak and family