But numbers will firm up when bids arrive in January

Until the bids come in about January 26, nobody knows for absolute certain what the Highway 59-108 reconstruction will cost.

But $25.5 million is the best-bet projection at this stage, reported Bob Schlieman, city engineer, at the Pelican Rapids City Council meeting Oct. 10.

Minnesota Department of Transportation will be shouldering about $16.5 million of the cost.

The remainder, for water and sewer reconstruction: About $8.9 million. 

Fortunately, the city has qualified for more than $900,000 in specialized transportation grants. This brings the local price tag down to about $7.3 million. 

A substantial sum for the local tax base, and the properties that line the 59 and 108 corridor—which will be assessed at some level for the municipal sewer and water improvements. 

How much will benefitting properties pay? Still uncertain. 

Pelican may be in a good position, based on household income and other demographics, to qualify for additional grants from the Public Finance Agency, said Schlieman. 

But additional grant sources remain uncertain—as well as the construction bids. 

So it is too early to predict, but preliminary estimates—without further grant support: 

Commercial and residential sewer replacement: 

$5,000 to $6,500

Commercial and residential water service: 

$5,311 to $9,789

Street, curb, gutter, sidewalk assessment, by linear foot: 

From $1.82 to $12.38 per foot 

It’s important for property owners to recognize that these numbers are purely projections at this point. 

Schlieman and Apex Engineering, along with city officials, will be investigating all grant opportunities in the coming months.