‘Friends’ invite volunteers to join in at park’s activities

Celebrating syrup, from Mother Nature’s maple trees, is an annual launch into the spring season at Maplewood State Park and in Vergas.

Festivities are April 1, including the annual pancake feed at the Vergas Event Center, serving from 8 a.m. to 11.  

“Sap’s Running 5K” fun run is a morning event in Vergas, which has become an early spring tradition.  

From 11 – 3 p.m., the Friends of Maplewood is having their annual Maple Syrup Demonstration Day. The Maplewood event is both fun and educational, as participants learn about Maple Syrup production. 

The “Friends of Maplewood” are inviting volunteers to help during this time with the visitors. Many different jobs are available—and volunteers need not be experts on how maple syrup is produced. 

If you would be willing to come to Maplewood that day and help, please contact the Friends with your name and phone number.

Lunch of hot dogs or brats will be served to all volunteers. 

For information on volunteering at Maple Syrup Day, call, text, or email:

  • Denise Laymon: 218-686-0623 or dlaymon@wiktel.com 
  • John Nordstrom: 218-841-7673 or nordlake7@hotmail.com