The Otter Tail County and Fergus Falls residents and local businesses gave generously – enabling The Salvation Army to raise only 90% of our budgeted goal of $365,000.

Capt. Anthony Nordan, one of the leaders in Fergus Falls, attributes some of the issues to the weather and worsening economy, “We had a great challenge this year in the last weeks of December. The bad temperatures and snow storms didn’t do us any favors,” said Nordan. “The prices of goods last year were difficult on a great many families. We have seen continued need for food and emergency services.”

The Salvation Army will need to readjust spending to continue providing services. This will result in services being provided to fewer people, putting a strain on resources with the need still elevated. “The prices of food and other necessities still being at elevated levels makes stretching every dollar even more important,” said Captain Nordan.

“We … thank the good folks of Otter Tail County. It has been a pleasure speaking with everyone at the kettle sites and at our seasonal programs,” said Nordan. 

Donations can always be made online at