Three R’s: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic are foundation for a healthy community

By Brent E. Frazier, mayor, City of Pelican Rapids 

Throughout the journey of life, each day is a fresh and new start. Each day has its victories, defeats, and learning experiences. 

Therefore, learning should be an everyday full-time process that we strive for as to be a benefit for us and those around us. Individual learning should be a motive to enhance the betterment of the lives of those whom we surround and come into contact with, as well as ourselves.

Brent Frazier, checking the headlines in the Pelican Rapids Press last summer.
The Press is observing its 125th year of continuous publication in 2023. The Press is encouraging readers to snap a photo reading the newspaper, and email for publication in our ongoing feature:
Already, we’ve received photos of readers on both coasts, on foreign soil—and as far north as Alaska.

Many of us with gray hair remember hearing of the “Three R’s” of education which were taught in our school classrooms. They were the core content subjects, the foundation of learning, and they were the three basic skills taught to each and every student.

The ‘catchy phrase’ of the “Three R’s” was actually coined at the beginning of the 19th century and considered the “functional skills of literacy, numeracy and the information & communications technology.” 

These “Three R’s” were Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. If you had mastered the “Three R’s,” your name could be seen posted on the school or classroom honor roll.

On a local level, gone are the days of yesteryear when we had the Pelican Rapids Press and the local news also broadcast over live radio on KBRF a.m. Radio in Fergus Falls, MN, at 11:30 a.m. on weekdays.

For several years we could hear the voices of either Ms. Alice Foley from the Marshall Wells Store at 30 North Broadway or Mr. Walt Boe from Walt Boe’s Food Market at 57 North Broadway in Pelican Rapids, MN. What we didn’t Read in the Pelican Rapids Press could be heard on the radio or vice versa.

As The Press celebrates its 125 birthday this year, most issues feature photos with captions of residents, former residents, and friends of The Press reading our hometown newspaper in either a local setting or a faraway land.

The January 19, 2023 edition of The Press caught our eye with photos and captions of students of our Pelican Rapids School System.

These Pelican Rapids students were engaged in the process of Reading The Press and learning of news regarding: our local school system, our local governments, public notices, sports stories, and stories of personal interest.

Many thanks can be credited to Pelican Rapids School System teachers Amy Korf, Karla Breen, Shelly Sjolie, and Jill Roisum for helping to incorporate ‘area news and happenings’ into the 7-12 classrooms of the Pelican Rapids School System.

All of this Reading is being done in the methods of learning, entertainment, and enjoyment while incorporating a wRiting activity of local current events by the students in the classroom.

What a great learning opportunity for our local students to improve their Reading skills and become engaged in ‘events and happenings’ in their hometown community.

As social beings, we are usually anxious to share what we learn and what we Read on our cellphones, computers, or in the local newspaper. This is just a normal trait for young and elderly alike.

And what a great time to learn and implement this method of teaching and learning when “The Youths” group of Pelican Rapids High School students is building momentum. 

“The Youths” are continuing to assess the needs and wants of our student body outside of the school setting and then bring such reports to our local government leaders.

Yes, the timing is good for students, residents, and anyone who Reads The Press on a weekly basis.

Dreams, ideas, plans, and availability of community resources can surface when all parties and individuals are informed about one another.

Through joint collaboration, all Readers of The Press can Read, talk and learn about one another’s wants and needs and thus help to grow each other and the community of Pelican Rapids.

Thank you teachers, thank you students, and thank The Press as we all continue to Read our hometown newspaper for the betterment of all.

So, remember your….Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic are the foundation of your learning.