Pelican Rapids Viking Elementary school students offered a few thoughts, and memories of the town mascot as Pelican Pete took flight

Pelican Rapids teacher Jon Moe described the field trip, from Viking elementary school to the damsite, as a “history lesson.” He accompanied his students to observe the historic lift-off of Pelican Pete—which has been identified as a landmark by a Minnesota state preservation agency. Pete took his perch by the river in 1957.

Students lined the sidewalk overlooking the river to observe the operation. 

What I Think About  Pelican Pete: Its a place where you can go to take your mind off of bad thoughts and it has alot of memorys like thats basically where I met my best friend and where i went tubing with Londyn & Lyla, my best friends!

-Faith Field

My first memory of Pelican Pete is when I wod fish by the Pelican and it was my first time fishing and wen I was 6 years old I wod swim by the old dock and play on the playground and caught toads, frogs, and turtles.

-Joshua Batson

­My first memory of Pelican Pete is when I was 4 years old. We would do minnow races and after that I would look at the Pelican. Pelican Pete is like a simble to this town even though the waterfall would wash up the dead fish on the platform that Pete stood on. It was gross. Another thing is in the summer time I like going to “Pete’s Treats” and getting ice cream and sit at the tables and look at Pete, though I am kinda sad cause for a while Pete is not gonna be there. I hope he gets back soon!

-Winsdae Dalman

Pelican Rapids, Is special because inside the town are wonderful PR Vikings with the biggest Pelican in the world, Pelican Pete. I remember when I first saw Pelican Pete. I was amazed by how big it is and how much taller it is than me. 

I love Pelican Pete and the best town ever, is Pelican Pete’s home. Go Vikings!

LilyAnn Laferriere 

I’ve lived in Pelican Rapids my whole life. When I think back to my earliest memories of Pelican Pete I think of when I was about three or four and was standing at  the railing and wishing I could ride the pelican and then seeing what I thought was a huge fish. The Pelican means a lot to me and where I live. I love the community and Pelican Pete is part of that. I also did minow races when I was little with my cousins. I will miss the waterfall but the Rapids they are making sound awsome, and will make more sense to go with our town, Pelican Rapids.

-Phoebe Peter

My first memory that I can remember of Pelican Pete is when I went vwith my family to play at the park near Pelican Pete and we went down by Pelican Pete and found a baby snapper. Then we went to Pete’s treats to grab some cold ice cream, Then we went to the public library to that Monday reading group for storytime. It was the best memory in my life.

Riley Heaton