This original artist’s conception of what the “World’s Largest Pelican” might look like when completed is from the Strand Hardware files. The late Truman Strand was one of the organizers who led the campaign that brought the immense statue to the Pelican River in 1957.
Date of this image is uncertain, but it is pre-1957. Note that in this proposal, the Pelican statue was envisioned on the other side, south, of the dam and river. Interestingly, this original sketch foretold of Pete’s future perch, as he will be relocated to the opposite side of the river, in late spring or early summer of 2023.

At left, Anton and Ted Resset, the blacksmiths who created the metal structure for Pelican Pete. Photo presumably from late 1956 or early 1957.

A view of the Pelican Rapids dam, prior to the arrival of Pelican Pete—the World’s Largest Pelican.
The date of the photo is probably the late 1940s.