(From Otter Tail County)

Releasing your pet goldfish into the lakes and rivers is not a good thing and here is why:

Goldfish populations may cause recreational, economic, and ecological damage. Infestations change how residents and visitors use and enjoy Minnesota waters.

Goldfish reproduce rapidly and can quickly number in the hundreds or thousands.

Large populations can outcompete native fishes and, in some instances, disrupt sport fisheries.

Goldfish can increase turbidity by stirring up the sediments when feeding, resulting in a decline in aquatic vegetation and water quality.

The resulting changes in vegetation can impact the habitat of native fish.

Goldfish can be a host for diseases (e.g., Koi herpesvirus [KHV] and carp edema virus [CEV]) that can contribute to large die-offs, resulting in an unhealthy fish community.

Find another way to let “Norm” your pet goldfish go; keep him out of the lakes.