State of Minnesota 

County of Otter Tail

Notice Of Public Hearing

Pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Statutes 394.26 Notice is hereby given that a hearing of the Otter Tail County Planning Commission will be held in the Commissioner’s Room at the Government Services Center, Fergus Falls, Minnesota on December 14, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of considering the following: 

1. Charles Kvare, a Preliminary Plat “Kvare’s Beauty Bay South 4th Addition” consisting of 6 Single Family Residential Non-Shoreland Lots 1 Block; Located near 22101 South Beauty Bay Rd, Section 18 of Dunn Twp. 

2. TNT Holdings, LLC – Terry Murphy, a Preliminary Plat “The River at Dunvilla” consisting of 39 Lots, 4 Blocks, Sections 19 & 20 of Dunn Twp., Pelican River (AG). 

3. Stroms Holdings LLP c/o Nate Hunter, proposing a 20 RCU expansion and 13 slips of an existing Commercial PUD; Located at 51021 Fish Lake Rd., Sections 2 & 11 of Dunn Township, Pelican Lake (56-786) GD. 

4. Bass Harbor Storage, proposing to update CUP #2022-003 (Update Building Layout & Driveway Configuration); Located at 43915 Bass Harbor Rd., Section 9 of Lida Township, Lida Lake (56-747) GD.

Otter Tail County 
Planning Commission