For the Otter Tail County-Pelican Rapids lakes area, Jason Satter was something of a “hometown favorite” in his bid to win as a Democrat in a historically Republican area. 

But it wasn’t enough. 

Winner Tom Murphy also had plenty of local credentials—and the Republican swept into the Minnesota State House of Representatives District 9B seat by a margin of 15,322-6,431.

Satter, a volunteer coach in the Pelican Rapids schools, a lake and water quality advocate, education supporter, and a small-town boy, Satter made it “close” in Pelican’s lake country neighborhoods. He lost 296-233 in Dunn Township. In Lida, he collected 217 votes, to Murphy’s 250. In Dora Township, he lost by a 255-172 margin. 

Close margins—at least for a Democrat—running in historically Republican territory. 

But Murphy’s winning margin in every single precinct—77 in all—reaffirmed the Republican grip on the electorate. 

In population bases like Perham, Murphy won two to one—at 754-365. New York Mills: It was Murphy, 294-115. 

It was a little closer in Battle Lake, where Satter lost by a 246-172 margin. 

In Dead Lake and Star Townships, Murphy carried the day two-to-one. 

Murphy carried the city of Vergas 104-62.