By Tom Hintgen
Otter Tail County Correspondent

Joey Geiszler

Joey Geiszler, a Fergus Falls police officer, says that if he is elected county sheriff, he will be connected with the people in all the communities and be transparent with the people of Otter Tail County.

Geiszler takes pride in membership with the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association. He also is ordained and brings that up because he presided at weddings this year of people he has arrested in the past. 

“I have seen change in their lives and have helped them along their new path,” he said. “I am committed to helping our broken people change their ways and I will be involved personally in their lives to see that it happens.”

He served with the United States Army Reserve in Military Intelligence, attended Military Intelligence School at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, and was stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland. 

On his agenda, if elected county sheriff, is combating mental health issues. Included are those dealing with mental health induced by controlled substances such as drugs and alcohol. 

“This has been and still is the main challenge in Otter Tail County,” he says. “We need to evolve from status quo approach that is going on. Being involved and bringing people back to a morally correct path is a challenge I accept on my plate.”

Geiszler says the issues will be taken on from multiple angles and chip away at the problem that we have let get out of hand. 

“We need to target unchecked trauma that people have that continues to go unchecked and leads to chemical abuse and other issues. I’m working with multiple organizations and people to come together to have an outside the box solution implemented.”

He says county residents can fix issues “that affect us in all aspects of society if we get involved as communities.” 

Geiszler says that violent offenders and those bringing drugs into our county ruining the lives of families should get sentences appropriate for their crimes, so they can get the morale and/or mental help needed and stop the revolving door for them to commit the same crime.

“If our attorneys or judges cannot get this done then our legislation should let the jurors decide the outcome. The jurors live in the communities that offenders impact and they should have a say on their community safety,” he said. 

Geiszler said he will work with those who make bad decisions and who have morally learned from their mistakes. “I will help them assimilate back into society through different programs I work with outside of jail.” 

The sheriff’s office candidate also points to the lack of people who want to step up and become peace officers. 

“PTSD daily events can have current peace officers dealing with their own issues. I will have a mental health program to allow for time off for employees to deescalate and escape the stressors of the job.”

Geiszler said he will use his platform as county sheriff to be a voice for those who feel they don’t have one. 

“I will stand up for all against injustices,” he said. “We need to bring awareness and education to the public to address this issue.” 

Geiszler says his primary focus is to uphold the constitutional oath he has sworn to keep. 

“I will make sure people’s rights are not infringed upon from any government overreach. The people have a right to be secure in their life, liberty and property. I will be leading from within and amongst the people and not be looking at anyone as if they are beneath me.”

He adds, “We are stronger when we are together and when we are together we can conquer anything in our path. Because, Together We Stand.”

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