Jordan Rasmusson

Top priority: If elected, what is your top priority for the 2023 Legislature? Why are you running for office? 

I am a proven conservative leader who gets things done. In my two years in the Minnesota House, I have a record of getting results. I have authored and passed bipartisan bills to increase mental healthcare access, extend high-speed internet to unserved areas, and support rural economic development in our communities.

Minnesotans are overtaxed, and I support returning the state budget surplus to taxpayers. I authored the bill to eliminate the state tax on social security income (House File 3752) and also authored a bill that would reduce the income tax on all Minnesotans (House File 4777). My top priority is to deliver permanent tax relief to you. 

We need government to live within its means and stop adding costly regulations onto Minnesota businesses and consumers. I was awarded the “Guardian of Small Business Award” by the NFIB and am endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Farm Bureau for working to reduce costly mandates that drive inflation. 

Gridlock: Legislature gridlock has become the norm. And, increasingly, the final deals on major bills are forged by the Governor, House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader will little or no input by rank-and-file legislators. What specific measures can be taken to reduce the increasing partisanship of the lawmaking process? 

The best thing we can do to improve the legislative process is to elect legislators who have a track record of breaking through the gridlock on behalf of our communities. As stated in both the Wheaton Gazette and the Pelican Rapids Press, “Even his political opponents admit that Jordan Rasmusson had a successful first term in the Minnesota House…He was the chief sponsor of 40 bills during his first term, several of which made it into law. This success means working with those across the political aisle.” In the Minnesota Senate, I will continue to listen to constituents and get things done on their behalf. 

Elections: Do you believe that voting improprieties are a problem in Minnesota?  Are there changes in election practices you would favor?

It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat in Minnesota’s elections. That’s why I authored the Minnesota Elections Integrity Act (House File 2732) to make sure we have secure and fair elections in Minnesota. I support requiring Voter ID, banning ballot harvesting, and increasing criminal penalties for voter fraud. 

Budget: The 2023 Legislature will convene with a significant surplus. How should the money be used with respect to spending and/or tax relief? Be specific. 

Minnesota has some of the highest taxes in the nation. With our record surplus, I support returning the state budget surplus to taxpayers in permanent tax relief. I authored the largest tax cut in Minnesota’s history, including eliminating taxes on social security (House File 3752) and reducing income taxes for all Minnesotans (House File 4777). My top priority is tax relief. 

Education/employment: Are Minnesota’s K-12 and higher ed systems prepared to address the workforce dynamics in a post-COVID era? What specific changes are necessary? 

Our education systems should help equip students to get good-paying jobs in high-demand fields. I am honored to be endorsed by several trade unions, such as the Carpenters and the Operating Engineers, for my work to promote more vocational and technical opportunities for Minnesota students. In particular, I support the expansion of high-demand programs at local colleges, such as meat processing and nursing. I also support teacher licensing flexibility to help local school districts find great teachers for vocational programs. 

Health care: The overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court has put abortion law back in the hands of state legislatures. Do you support any specific changes to state law? 

In Minnesota, the Legislature cannot ban abortion because of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision in Doe v. Gomez. However, the Legislature can still pass legislation to help reduce the number of abortions in Minnesota and support mothers when they choose life.  

I am honored to be endorsed by the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life because of my pro-life work. I authored legislation (House File 1934) to end taxpayer funding of abortions. I have a 100% pro-life voting record in the Minnesota Legislature and have worked to provide women with support when they choose life.

Transportation: Is state transportation funding properly balanced between roads and bridges and mass transit? If not, what changes do you propose? 

Minnesota has wasted billions of dollars on mass transit projects that do not have sufficient ridership to justify their cost. We need to focus transportation funding on roads and bridges that people use. I have supported increased transportation funding to small cities and townships to help them improve local roads.  

Police reform: Proposed police reform stalled in the Legislature. Should additional initiatives be pursued? 

Public safety is a key role of government, and I will continue to support law enforcement and first responders. I am honored to be endorsed by the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association for my work on public safety. I support increased funding to help attract and retain law enforcement professionals. 

Public notices: Some local government bodies continue to push for the elimination of state requirements to publish public notices, except on government websites. Independent research continues to show that far more citizens see public notices when they are published in the newspapers/on newspaper websites that they already use regularly. What’s your view on the publication of important legal notices only by local government body websites?

I support and have voted to maintain public notice requirements in local newspapers. 

Other issues: Are there other issues you want to address?  

In the Legislature, I have been a leader in improving mental healthcare access in our communities. I chief authored and passed a bill to increase funding for crisis stabilization units that serve our neighbors experiencing a mental health crisis. I also was one of the lead negotiators on a bill that passed to allow psychologists to practice across state lines, increasing mental healthcare access in Greater Minnesota. 

Briefly summarize your personal background and qualifications. 

My wife, Emma, and I live in Fergus Falls. Our families have lived in the area for six generations. We are active members of Grace Lutheran Church in Erhard. I currently serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives and am honored to be the Republican-endorsed candidate for Senate District 9. Outside of the Legislature, I work with businesses to analyze potential investments, create strategic plans, and improve operations. My clients have included seed companies, dairy co-ops, and many other types of businesses.  

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