The Pelican Rapids High School girls volleyball team in action against Hillcrest Sept. 17.

The Pelican Rapids girl’s soccer team was away at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy on Sept; 17. 

It has always been a deep rivalry, dating to when the two schools paired up and collaborated as one team years ago. 

Sadie Funk continues to be an incredible threat playing attacking forward. Her quick speed is instrumental to the team. 

Chelsey Blakeway and Emma Villagomez are also getting quality playing time off the bench and are learning how to control the midfield. 

Ariana Villagomez and Hamda Ibrahim, foreground, and the blind in the background is Eveli Nordgren.

Kaitlyn Stachoski has been playing outstanding in goal. 

She plays with no fear and, in doing so, makes some incredible saves. 

Hani Bashir and Eveli Nordgren play so well together in defense. 

Going into halftime, the Vikings were down 0-2. 

In the second half, Diana Escobar connected a beautiful pass to Funk, who finished it in the net. 

Emily Ahmed created many beautiful plays from the back, allowing many great shots on goal. 

The Vikings could not complete another goal, and in the end, came up short of victory, with the match ending 3-1.