The tradition continues–with the annual autumn quest for Mr. and Ms.  Oktoberfest 2022 and a pair of Oktoberfest medallions.

The hunt is a centerpiece of Oktoberfest which will be a one-day event in Pelican Rapids Oct. 8. 

Here is how the hunt works: A series of clues will be printed in the Pelican Rapids Press and posted at the Chamber office in Historic City Hall in the weeks leading up to the annual Oktoberfest. One set of clues will be released weekly, gradually revealing the mystery people. 

A prize of $50 in Pelican Bucks, which are redeemable as cash at any Chamber business, will be awarded to each of the two winners. 

When you think you have figured out the identity of Mr. Oktoberfest, call him or approach him with this clever ditty: 

“Bratwurst, bratwurst on a bun, Mr. Oktoberfest, are you the one?” 

(You must use the ditty to make it a valid request!) 

If the guy is really Mr. Oktoberfest, he or she will have to confess. If he isn’t, you’ll likely feel a little silly.

Likewise, when you have figured out the identity of Ms. Oktoberfest, call her or approach her with this clever ditty: 

“Strudel, strudel on the wall, are you Ms. Oktoberfest this fall?” 

Again, if the gal is really Ms. Oktoberfest, she’ll be obligated to admit it. 

Proceeds from Oktoberfest are used for community beautification projects.

Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest

Here is the first clue in the hunt for Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest:

Mr. Oktoberfest: 

1. 3 of 3

Ms. Oktoberfest:

1. 2 in the family 

Medallion search

 The next search is for the Oktoberfest medallions. 

There are two, and each is hidden somewhere in Pelican Rapids.

Clues will be released each week in The Press and will be posted in the Chamber office at Historic City Hall. Winners will receive $50 in Pelican Bucks, which can be used at any Chamber business. One winner per family is allowed. 

The medallions are not hidden on private property. No digging or climbing is necessary to find them. Please, don’t destroy property when searching for treasure hunt medallions. 

Medallion #1

1. No doctors here

Medallion #2

1. On the map

One clue will be published each week. If no one has located the Oktoberfest royalty or the medallions by the sixth week, the Chamber of Commerce will announce the seventh clue. 

Oktoberfest merchandise, shirts, buttons now on sale

Oktoberfest volunteers have been mobilizing for the annual Pelican Rapids fall festival. Pictured here, selling Oktoberfest shirts and buttons, Justin and Elta Fure, Tanya Stoll and Kellsey and Henry Steeves.
The “pop up” Oktoberfest store was at the Pelican Rapids fire hall on August 22.

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